Meet my neighbors on the fifth floor

Welcome to the fifth floor in the studentcomplex we call ‘DUWO’; A four year old building on the corner of two canals in the Nieuw-West area of Amsterdam. The building houses a few hundred students, some for which this is a one-year pitstop apartment offered to us, because we are internationals in our first year at the Rietveld Academie.

I, and a lot of my fellow students at the academy live on the fifth floor; A bright orange hallway of 26 m² studios.

I rang my neighbors doorbells and asked them a few questions about how they are doing, how they feel about living here and about moving abroad.

Giada Pieber

25 years old
Moved here from Vienna, Austria

César Guiraud

21 years old
Moved here from Paris, France

Dan Masterov

17 years old
Moved here from Ireland

Olivia Sahl

22 years old
Moved here from Copenhagen, Denmark

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